Fly to Visby

Destination Visby

Visby is one of the most popular destinations in Sweden , experience the genuine old town center surrounded by the city wall with a myriad of restaurants and bars. Visby often tops the statistics for the most hours of sunshine per year in Sweden which also contributes to the popularity! Please see for a list of everything you can visit and see!


Flying to Visby is easier than most people think. Since Visby is a popular destination for us private pilots ATC is also very familiar with our type of traffic. So the approach, parking and handling at the airport is very smooth and fast.

Airport charges and Fuel

Visby is operated by Swedavia and Annual Card is available for domestic aircraft.
For foreign Aircraft  a Weekly Seasonal Card (WSC) is available at Swedavia for 100€.

Without a Card Swedavia will send the bill to the aircraft owner . Takeoff charge 50€ Parkering 15€.
(Payment at airport is not possible)

Shell Avgas 100L at GA apron  SEK 26.88/l (2021-03-30)  Self service and payment via credit card terminal.

Shell Jet A1 at apron via Swedavia Ground Handling. Payment via credit card.

ATS and flight plan

Please be adviced that you pass international airspace on your way to Gotland, you must submit an ATS flight plan for the flight, one way to do this is via

During the flight to Visby, you will talk to:

  • Sweden Control
  • Visby Control 126.155MHz
  • Visby Tower 120.305MHz

Check NOTAM regarding TWR opening hours, PPR not allowed!

Weather and NOTAMs

Determine your personal minimums before the flight and stick to them , the flight will be fun and a positive memory! TAF and NOTAMs can easily be found at AroWeb/MET/Low Level Forecast – LHP, area SE33

Essential papers

If applicable Please verify before you go that following is present and valid:

  • Airworthiness document
  • Insurance Papers
  • Radio License
  • Environmental Evidence
  • Valid flight crew certificate
  • Valid language competence
  • Valid medical certificate
  • ID / Passport

Implementation of flight

The flight to Visby is a relaxing flight. You will have contact with Sweden Control on the way. As you approach Visby TMA request to leave Sweden and contact Visby Control to request clearance into Visby TMA. Also check the status of the restricted areas 28 (Tofta) and 31 (Karlsö).

Short summary:

  • Clearance required into Visby TMA. Check the airport hours via NOTAM, if they are active contact their frequencies in advance for clearance. There will not be any problems.
  • NOTE: PPR may be required at certain hours, you cannot take off or land outside the airport hours without PPR.
  • Are you out for taking a turn over Gotland and watch our beautiful island, the tower requests advance information about the flight via telephone 0046-498-21 23 49.
  • If crossing of Restricted Area 28 (Tofta firing range) / 31 (Karlsö bird reserve) request clearance.
  • Since Visby is a controlled airport (open tower), your flight plan will automatically close when you land and is activated when you start the journey home.
  • Around Visby, it can at times be a lot of traffic so be sure to keep a look outside (see and be seen!).
  • NOTE: two holding points on TWY K: one before RWY 03, one located before RWY10/28(grass), listen carefully to the ATC to which one You are cleared to!  (ESSV VAC)
  • Do not forget to wear your life jackets!

The airport

At the airport, you park on a grass parking located at the flying club. After you parked and left the aircraft on Apron B, you leave through a gate located next to a small concrete building. Gate is opened with a switch on the wall and note the gate code posted to the left. It’s recommended to refuel on arrival, especially if there are many aircraft on the grass parking lot. In July, it may be queue to the filling station when everyones going home. Payment of fuel is with a credit card. OBSERVE: no automatic stop on tank nozzle, keep an eye on the tank level when filling!

Link to ESSV AR:

Before start-up contact Visby TWR on 120.305.

GA park

Download PDF map:  GA park

To the city center

Taxis are one option. Taxi Gotland 0046-498-200 200, TaxiKurir 0046-498-500 00. It is about 2,5km to Visby, if you like to walk it takes about 30 minutes. At the flying club there is usually access to bicycles for rent.


Flying club offers flying guests 6 double bedrooms and a dorm for 8.