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Club information

Gotland Flying Club was formed in 1939 and has ever since been active at Visby Airport. As with many other flying clubs in Sweden, the business was built around the glider SG-38 of which the club still today has a restored copy, but not in an airworthy condition.

During the 1950 -, 60 – and 70’s the club’s activities are closely linked to the legendary family Thurings, which through their company AVIA offered education and commercial flight operations in Visby. Since the late 70th decade, when AVIA bet more heavily on commercial activity, forced the club to get their own school license and own aircraft and facilities. Since then the club has built a business of their own clubhouse, hangar and currently holds a modern aircraft fleet consisting of SEP aircrafts and gliders. The club has ever since an engine piston air section and a gliding section of the same organization.

We also have a very close collaboration with the Voluntary Air Corps, FFK, which means that all civil aviation operations in Gotland in a big way is gathered under one roof. This is a strength for the club and has been a great help to the club’s development and success. We are currently both piston and glider training and has approx. 150 registered members of whom around 120 are active pilots. The club is connected to KSAK .


Club premises
Gotland Flying Club, which conducts its main operations at Visby airport and in recent years built modern premises in the southeast of the airport where also Gotland parachute club have their clubhouse. The premises have been during the winter 2007-2008 undergone a renovation with two new modern bathrooms, and a renovation of the rest in the clubhouse.

The premises consist of a hangar at approx. 500 square meters, a workshop for maintenance of gliders and a clubhouse with six double rooms for visiting crews, kitchen, two bathrooms, briefing room, offices for the board and a large room where members and guests can gather. During the summer months we also arrange a house with a total of 8 more beds for visiting pilots with guests.


Engine piston air section

Gotland Flying Club decided in 1989 to unite the activities for one type of airplane. We focused therefore on the French manufacturer Socata which we believe is a very robust and good club aircraft.

The club currently has two IFR equipped Socata TOBAGO, TB-10, and an old veteran, a Piper Colt, PA-22, which is almost exclusively used for glider towing. Our experience of Socatas aircraft is that they are easy to fly and has plenty of space in the cabin which makes the aircraft an excellent club aircraft and air travel machine for those members who wish to use the aircraft for this purpose. We have also through good cooperation with Socatas Swedish agent, Flight Firm Nilsson AB, managed to keep maintenance costs at much lower level than was the case with the aircraft fleet that the club had before.

Are you interested in Gotland Flight Club’s engine flight operations, you are always welcome to contact us directly to one of the leaders of the club. As a member of the club you will get access to the aircraft after the due arrival and check-out as provided for in the club’s Operating Handbook.


Glider section

Soaring on Gotland has some geographic limitations, as Gotland is an island in the middle of the Baltic Sea. Despite this, the club has a very active gliding section operating aircraft from May 1 to late September, weather permitting.

Are you interested in soaring on Gotland you are always welcome to contact a manager in the club and you will get more information about the glider section’s activities. As a member of the club you will receive the following aircraft after the due arrival and check-out as provided for in the club’s Operating Handbook.


”Try on” flight

Gotland flying club organizes test starts of interest.
You will sit at the front of the cockpit in the club’s Twin Astir with an experienced flight instructor. All the while having the opportunity to look out and to comply with the aircraft’s instruments. You will receive a briefing before the flight of the procedures and opportunity for questions and information on the glider.
If you are interested to hear what it’s like please see

The cost is 1000 SEK for about 20 minutes.